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quiche vs frittata – What is the difference?

quiche vs frittata

Hey, how you doing? quiche vs frittata This is the question of the day when we answer your questions – that you send to us.

What exactly is the difference between a quiche and a frittata? It’s a great question.

We love both here. As a matter of fact, we just had a frittata two days ago. Anyway, let’s Move on. The answer to


your question is a frittata. Are your egg or custard, an abased dish that you put inside your shell, whatever you are a baking vessel, whatever you’re gonna cook it in, and you do not add a crust that’s.

What makes the difference your quiche has a crust. Your frittata does not have a crust.


Normally, the crust you have with your quiche is a nice flaky, buttery crust, and you put your ingredients in there.

You bake it. Normally. You pre-bake your shell because that way, it’ll get nice, and it already crusty. And then, when you add your egg mixture, your custard mixture in it doesn’t get soggy and nasty.

Well, that’s. The answer to that question to the matter of today: quiche vs frittata, if you have any more questions for us, be sure to send them to the contact page.

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