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Asparagus Frittata Recipe

asparagus frittata


Today I want to share one of my favorite breakfast recipes with you: the asparagus frittata. Actually, it’s my favorite lunch in one of my favorite dinners because really eggs are just a good source of protein good thing to eat, period.

One thing that you’ll notice. When you get good eggs, I get mine from a farmer who brings them into town once a week and many of our patients. They do this. They get the eggs directly from the farmer.

I’ve got a giant whisker upper here. I’m using this, I like the combination of coconut oil and ghee butter, and this is grass-fed ghee, so it’s, amazing and so ghee is clarified butter and this stuff that we get again it’s it since I think it’s, a 25 75 split, you use coconut oil.

You can use grass-fed butter, you can use both, and it really really adds a good flavor to it. When you pivot butter part adds especially nice with eggs. So I just heated some of that in a pan, and I’m adding, I don’t know, half of a maybe a half, a cup of just diced up onions. We’ll get that started while BJ’S whisking away one thing. We want to use it. I nearly coconut oil when we do these things, so this product that we’re using today uses coconut oil largely.

The good thing is, you can get up to a high temperature and it won’t scorch, and it doesn’t t nature of either, so that’s why we want to use that and again, even with them, even with good butter. We want to make sure that it’s not burning right, so it’s not becoming brown.

That’s. When you know, you got into trouble with your butter, so that’s when you start to make a healthy fat and damage, and that’s. What we don’t want to do this recipe you don’t start chopping. The those I’m, just going to add healthy pinners of salt over here to the I like to season things as we go now.


I like to do these on the angle. Yep, that looks nice. It looks nicer, yeah, and you want some PC pieces that are a little longer and a little shorter right. Yeah, I like shorter ones because they’ll always be bite-sized, but the longer ones add drama to be like good longer ones at the tip-top stair, yeah.

They’re gorgeous, yeah, down here there’s. Nothing beautiful about the bottom of the aspasparagus, green asparagus, greenaragus, but it’s good, for you know, lots of fiber rum. I was saying earlier. If I had some nice portobello mushrooms, I’d throw them in here too. Yeah, whatever you want, really.

So we salute those a little bit. They’re gonna cook. More then we’re, going to add this and let these saw take, and then we’ll add the eggs, but if you want to start putting in, actually do have no, I think this is about right.

Well, let’s build a couple of asparagus overboard. All right! So then, just well all saw TVs around what you want to do. The eggs, um well, we’re not ready yet, but we want to saute them a little bit me.

I would start grading a little bit of cheese. I grade it this time and making an asparagus frittata can be very intense. When we come over this, a certain element has to be very well timed with the piccata we’ve had many a panic here in the kitchen when the asparagus frittata is just if they’re at the wrong time, so you want as much ready in advance as possible.

parmesanSo we’ve already got most of our Parmesan cheese grated. We’re just gonna grate a little more here. This adds an awesome flavor, of course. Ideally, you want to get like a raw Parmesan cheese, something that hasn’t been pasteurized or homogenized, get more of an organic source.

This stuff here is in Italy, which naturally, we trust a lot more efficient over there. We got our eggs, yeah. Now I’m just gonna let these go. There see how they’re.

Getting to starting to get nice and bright green, that means they’re starting to get ready. These will finish in the egg dish in the oven, the beautiful thing, the only panic that’s ever been over asparagus frittata.

Let me tell you: well, we have lots of panics over frittatas, it’s. Only when BJ and dad don’t show up for dinner on time, and the things in the oven and asparagus frittata wait for no man once it’s in the oven.

This isn’t like an omelet where we’re just gonna make the omelet and then serve it. We’re gonna make part of it then finish it off in the oven, which really really gives it that good flavor beautiful, and it actually keeps me fine.

It keeps the veggies a little crunchy or two, and it’s. It’s more like a beautiful dish than scrambled eggs, so we’re gonna start here. I want to say about the pan: we’re using a nonstick ceramic, so again comes from an excellent company.


Again there are, no toxins in there, so you can get nonstick surfaces. But again, this is a ceramic nonstick. You want to stay away from anything that is Teflon and, in my opinion, anything that even looks like Teflon because those have trade, sir secrets, so you really don’t know what goes into their composition.

This is more of an organic carbon-based formula that makes up this glass-ceramic surface. So a little pepper and a little sea salt never hurt. I like to crack a little bit in there. Then I like to season as I go because it just eggs are cut.

You know they’re kind of bland boring as they go. So you want to let this start see how it’s, still really Wiggily yeah, not the time for the cheese. Yet you have to wait till it gets going a little bit to see it’s starting to come on the sides.

It’s starting to, so these aren’t scrambled eggs are not going to scramble them up, no, and it’s also not an omelet. So we’re not gonna flip it here are. We, no I this is basically how it goes, then, when it starts to get that’s, what that’s! One reason I like it because with an omelet, I always flip it, and I and I destroy the Hyundai when I flip it, and then I end up with scrambled eggs.

This is nice because what I like for anybody who’s, trying to get a meal together, you get this ready. This far, add the cheese put it in the oven, and it stays in the oven. While you get your salad ready, set your table; this will put it in a 400-degree oven for about 10 minutes 15 minutes, and if everybody’s not there for dinner, turn off the oven.

It’ll be fun. That’s the only time we have real stress, but this is this to me, especially with the beautiful parmesan and we ‘ Ve got lots of it here, but I’m going to use all of it because to me, the flavor of it is so nice to do like that.

So this makes for a beautiful breakfast. It’s. Also, I mean, we’ll. Do this as a dinner meal, just this in a salad, and you know so again. Obviously, this is. Obviously, this is a cooked meal and not a raw meal.

However, you know again if people want to get away from eating animal meat. You know this is a good way to get some animal food animal protein still, yeah. If you want that nice healthy protein-filled dinner, yeah, uh, in the evening, if you don’t, feel your meat isn’t out you don’t, have any good.

Neither your chicken great protein in the eggs it’s, not that’s. All you like you’re having a steak, but it’s nice and filling in, yeah, and you have all your protein delish. Okay, so this is coming now, and I sometimes, when it gets to this point – it’s.

Just about ready, I like to turn off the bake and turn on the broil. Just for a minute, do not go anywhere, keep an eye on it. It just rounds up the top real nice. It’s. The beautiful thing it’s, starting to get all bubbly and brown under the brows.

So I like to use the offset spatula took. Here we go, watch out toms it’s, gonna be beautiful there. It is, oh, look at that now. Let that sit just for a second before you try to cut that, but mmm, I can smell it.


It smells so good. We cut it like a pizza; we serve it with a salad. Maybe so do you want to cut off pizza bit their beach and the thing is we do make pizza maximize style as well. It’s. Just use the pizza cutter for this.

You probably think that we don’t need a pizza cutter, but we can make good maximized living pizza. That’ll be on the blog as well. I find for something this size. Usually, two pieces are good for the average person.

If you’re hungry, three pieces do yet mm-hmm some of these things you want to. Let the asparagus frittata sits for a little while, right it’s hot, but it’ll be delish. You try it. I’m gonna hear. Am I done? I’m not sure.

No, we usually do have that sit awhile longer, that’s. Nice, oh, don’t be scared. It’s good but so hot, and the asparagus is crunchy. The eggs are nice, nice, and fluffy.

So it’s perfect, okay, the parsley fresh its raw, so it adds a nice blend. Great asparagus frittata!!!!

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