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Keto Frittata – Best frittata recipe easy and delicious frittata recipe

keto frittata

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Today we talk about Keto Frittata. I’m going to write to you to make one of our favorite frittata recipes. Let’s get started, so first, you want to get a 12-inch nonstick skillet heat.

It over medium heat, and then to that, we want to add in five slices of thick-cut bacon in chilidog move that round get it all coated. Now we want this because it brings you down for about five minutes.

So the beacons are running down nicely. Now we’re gonna add in three ounces of onions cut into small dice. I’m gonna let the onion cook in for about a minute. Okay, so the onions have cooked for about a minute, and now we’re gonna add in six ounces of cut asparagus and about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper to turn this around.

Now you want the asparagus and the onion to continue cooking for about three to four minutes, so our spider uses tender. Our onions are translucent. Now it’s time to add in six and a quarter cup of heavy cream.

Now we turn the heat up to about medium-high. To do this so that we can create a nice crust on the bottom of the pan. Now we’re going to wanna shimmy the pan a little bit to make sure the egg mixture is all around the bottom.

Monterey Jack CheeseNow we’re gonna add in about two ounces of Monterey Jack cheese. To top, we’re gonna let cook on the stove for about three minutes to develop that crust, and then we’re going to pop it in the oven.


So we just pulled frittata out of the oven. It was on the middle rack, under the broiler, for about four to five minutes. When you take it out, the side should pull away from the pan, and that’s.


How you know it’s done.

Thank you for reading!

Well, that’s all for our keto frittata. If you want more frittata recipes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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