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1 cup of zucchini (diced)
1 cup of potato (diced)
1 cup of pumpkin (diced)
1 cup of broccoli florets
1 cup of onion (diced)
1 cup of capsicum (diced)
3 eggs
Parsely & Dill roughly chopped
Salt & pepper
Olive oil


~ Nicko



  1. Divya sharma scrive:

    u wasted the boiled water.. its full of proteins , u can cook them on steam

  2. Bibiana Berrio scrive:

    This boy can cook… can you merry me, and cook me everyday….????

  3. VHino Sinhi scrive:

    delicious, i love your recipes.

  4. Lola maryoma scrive:

    Greatest recipe everrrrr 🙂

  5. Ralf Khayal scrive:

    another word for omelette.

  6. Amandaajt1 scrive:

    I wish i would have saw this 15 mins ago. I made one for the first time and was told to pull it into the middle for a min then let it set for 7 min. I got confused and pulled it to the center for 7 min instead. I ended up with a watery plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach instead. Now I know, 🙂

  7. michaplace scrive:

    Please for the eggs is it 2 whites from the egg and one yolk?

  8. duude, you just said you love dill. I love it and people don't understand me! you got a subscriber just for that. hah

  9. thelaurels13 scrive:

    And yes I know he didn't add tomatoes, but I always do!

  10. thelaurels13 scrive:

    Mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers are the best I reckons, adding potatoes and anything else makes it too heavy and bloats you up like a fish!!

  11. i noticed just now u can lift 1 eyebrow… ^_^

  12. So Go scrive:

    Mmmmmm so easy to make.!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  13. marie kr scrive:

    what if you cant put it in the oven can it be cooked on the stove? and how do you cover it?

  14. CCDesigns scrive:

    cat crap. dont actually rave about that….
    LOL captions are awesome xD

  15. SuitMonkey B. scrive:

    Sooooo its a big omlette then lol

  16. liana angel scrive:

    u have only black t-shirt ? :p

  17. Jason B scrive:

    Im not a vegetarian. Im a Vagitarian! And if my GF gave up sucking on meat she would get no protein at all.

  18. Jason Turoff scrive:

    give it a jiggle! lol man keep tuning into your chanel good stuff

  19. LiLPinoySteve scrive:

    Cool, looks really delicous! I have to try it out today, but with a nice cheese layer on top! 😀 ^_^

  20. bfmv580 scrive:

    About to make this with prawns and bacon for dinner, thanks for the help! Very nicely made video.

  21. Hanadi Abu Ali scrive:

    @robjnixon what does heaps mean??

  22. Georgia Andrea scrive:

    @specialworks10 yup…vegetarian eats eggs…vegans don't

  23. kanyeisabitch scrive:

    looks bangin mate! from the UK! THIS SHIT LOOKS GOOD MAN… gunna make 1 later for dinner!

  24. TheWolfinspirit scrive:

    you culd put some grated vegatarian cheese on top before you grill..just to be naughty lol

  25. loyalqueen scrive:

    thats an omelette not a fritatta ffs.

  26. cloverboat scrive:

    Nice video… but stop saying 'guys' so much!

  27. sjeessjees scrive:

    If you don't have a grill or an oven just use a big plate, turn it over on the non stick plate, throw it back in the pan upsidedown and no problemo !

  28. Stella Steward scrive:

    Ρε παιδιά αυτός είναι ίδιος ο Αλέξης Τσίπρας! Χαχαχα


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