Frittata di riso ( oppure DI PASTA) – Rice omelette or pasta

Rice omelette – Frittata di Riso: Ingredients:
rice 700g,
6 eggs
bacon or ham
cheese (if you have some at home)
parmisan cheese
basil or pesto cream
oil to fry or you can cook it in the oven without to fry. (So, you have two possibilities to cook it).

First of all, put some water in a pot and when it is boiling, cook the rice (not very cooked). Then, mix all the ingredients in the pot where you have cooked the rice and fry in a pan with oil or you can cook it in the oven.
If you like a high and wet omelette, use a small pot; if you like a crispy and lower omelette, use a bigger pot.
If you have at home some ingredients that you like, for example, mushrooms or zucchini, you can add them mixing all the ingredients and the cook.
My rice omelette changes a little, time after time, according to what I have in my kitchen!
Enjoy it!